Revisited Blackout Poetry

Last semester I was inspired to create blackout poetry by the discourse around news, truth and information. I used paint to take a piece of text and make it say whatever I wanted it to, including messages directly opposite of the ones of the original text. By doing this through my selected medium I created art, but on a regular basis misinformation is spread and people in power fail to be honest. People twist information into whatever narrative they want, like I did with the original sections of Lapham’s Quarterly I took.

I lingered before a companion certain they had changed Her voice more bitter my heart Yet resigned utterly Enchanted

private sacrifice deeper to him while cruel but good 

grew in a candle Lowered to a rose

pictures work in a foreign way. a record of history of course, developed but failed in a world of motion

quietly stood upon the suffering did I notice the many

marriage is love but love really ends Like slaughter

Taking the words of other authors out of context made me wonder what could be done to my own words, so I decided to create blackout poetry out of some of my own writings from the course. I made as several different poems with the same block of text, my 30 second presentation of a photo from the Berlin Wall. Seeing how many different messages and tones I could make out of one short block of text was enlightening, and I am better able to understand how simple it is to only read what you want to read from a text and the dangers of doing so.