Study Trip Video

This video is a brief summary of the Humanities 104 Study Trip to South Carolina in January 2018. We visited sites such as Historic Brattonsville, Camden, Cowpens, and the Fort Mill Confederate Park. Not only did these sites offered an insight into historiography of the American Revolutionary War (and the American Civil War), they also served as examples of ‘living history’ and how the majority of Americans learn about history after high school. We had discussions about not only the history of the locations we visited, but how the stories were being told, and why. Learning about the limitations these sites and their directors faced on a daily basis, from research obstacles to insufficient funding, put in perspective how difficult telling the story of a revolution truly is. I was lucky enough to be behind the camera throughout our trip, and the footage I have edited shows my peers interacting with the physical spaces, historians, reenactors, tour guides and activities we encountered on our study trip, and conversations with our faculty and each other.